A. Straddle Bent Knee hollow body 1 min rest 2 min As many Set As Possible until you aren’t able to to hold for 1 min

4 sets
B. Negative Tuck Front Lever 20 second hold rest 2 min As many sets as possible until you aren’t able to hold for 20 seconds anymore

3 sets…much harder than expected
AB 10 Min For Max Cals
*Record AVG RPM and Wattage

124 cal – ave watt 285 / RPMs 58

Not a PR…hit 129 on 5.30.17. Was at 61 cals half way through and mentally gave up a little because I didn’t feel like I had a “push” in the second half of this one. Got it together and kicked it in with about 2 min left
A1. Sissy Squats + Reach 2 reps each arm x3

wow I am bad at these. Watching the video I am obviously having a lot of trouble leaning back/not keeping my torso vertical

A2. Banded Ankle Dorsiflexion stretch foot on 45lbs Plate 2 min each ankle x3

completed, felt great

A3. FMS Step Overs 5 Reps each leg x3

Hard for me to tell if these look any better or not?

A4. Banded Distraction hamstring Stretch 90 seconds each leg x3 

completed, felt great on the hip/hamstring


A. Bench Press 4-1-4-1-4-1 rest 2 min btwn sets

130, 160, 135, 160, 145, 170

All good here. The 145×4 felt great, the 170×1 was tough but triceps did their job.
B1. Push Press 6-8 Reps rest 1 min x4

85×8, 95×6, 96×6. Super light, as this was a little tough on my wrists. Also, towards the end of my time of doing lots of Oly lifts, I had issues with my R clavicle getting really beat up from my front rack position. The PP is probably the first time I’ve felt it in over a year. Looking in the mirror now, it doesn’t look swollen but just something for me to keep an eye out.

B2. Tempo Lean Away Pull ups 3 second lean away AMRAP rest 1 min x3

3, 2, 2. I have a tough time controlling myself down through the entire ROM

B3.Wall Facing 1/2 Way Down HS Hold against Wall Accumulate 30 seconds in as few of sets as possible rest 1 min x3

I didn’t video these because I was using my phone as a timer. According to my friend, I was going down more like a “quarter” than half way down. Found it really difficult to have any elbow bend and not arch my back.

:15 x2, :10 x3, :15×2
C1. Y’s T’s W’s on Bench rest 5 reps at each letter x4

completed w/ .75lbs per hand
C2. Dumbell Upright rows 10-12 reps rest x4

10lbs x12, then 12lbs x10 for the remaining 3 sets
C3. Single Arm Legs Punching bench Side plank 20 second each arm x4

completed…hardest :20 of the day
C4. Negative Tuck Front Lever AMSAP (-3) x4

Row 20 seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 min

115m, 112m, 111m, 112m

Got the monitor down to 1:22 on the first intervals but not nearly as powerful after that


Row 10 Min @ 2:06 Pace
Rest 3 min

2381m, 2381m, 2382m

First round was better this week with a better warm-up 🙂

Consistency was also good, had to really fight to stay on pace with about 3-4 min remaining
A1. Foam Roll quads 2 min each quad x3
A2. Laying Banded Hip Distraction 1 min each leg x3
A3. 3 Cars Hip Protocols each leg x3
A4. 10 Alternating bird dogs x3
B1. Foam Roll Calves with Barbell 2 min each leg x3
B2. Foam Roll Bottom of foot 90 second each foot x3
B3. Banded Ankle dorsi flexion stretch 2 min each leg x3

Completed, plus some extra as I was watching a good soccer game


A. 1 and 1/4 Back Squats 4-5 Reps rest 2 min x5

85lbs x5, 125lbs x5, 135lbs x4, 135lbs x4, 135lbs x5

Didn’t push the weight too much here

B. Deadlifts 4-5 reps rest 2 min x5

155×5, 175×5, 185×5. 195×5, 200×5

Same here, still room to increase

C1. Single Leg Wall Assisted Good mornings 5 reps each leg rest 1 min x5

completed, unweighted
C2. Banded Glute ham raises 5 reps rest 1 min x5

completed, with blue band. maybe a little easier than last week?
C3. Elongated Couch stretch with short hamstring activation 20 seconds each leg x5 (get into a couch stretch scoot knee away from wall and pull your heel to your butt. Your hamstring should feel like it’s about to cramp.

completed, still tough
D1. Rotaional Med Ball Tosses 10 altnerating reps 1 min x4
D2. Bent Knee Straddle Hallow body hold 30 seconds rest 1 min x4
D3. Laying Banded Hip Marches 30 alternating reps rest 1 min x4
D4. Seated on Floor Single leg leg raise and hold for 5 count 10 alternating reps x4 *Focus on pulling from the hip flexors here

all completed, hip flexors still burning 🙂


A. Back Squat 5×5 @ 175lbs rest 2 min btwn sets

completed! still Ok

5 Sets @85% Effort
Run 400M
5 Strict Pull ups
10 Sandbag Squats
Run 200M
10 Sand Bag Cleans to shoulder
Run 100M
Rest 2 min btwn sets

Loved this…despite all my slow running. Was really having a good mental day and enjoying the grind

5:57 / 6:09 / 6:13 / 6:06 / 6:08

C1. Scap pull ups 10 reps rest x3
C2. Scap Push ups 10 reps x3
C3. Banded Face Pulls 10 reps x3
C4. Dumbell REverse Flies 10 reps arms to cieling x3
D1. Banded Sampson stretch 1 min each leg x3
D2. Unweighted Russia step ups to knee height box 10 alternating reps focusing on pullfrom Hip flexor

Completed all! Finally managed my time better


A1. Straddle Bent Knee Hollow Body Hold 30 seconds rest 1 min x4

A2. Side Plank twist 10 reps each side rest 1 min x4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_0Gf7hTPDY


A3. Hanging L-Sit hold 15-20 seconds rest 1 min x4

:10 + :05 for the first 4 sets, then :05 x3 for the last set. Hard to keep legs straight and elevated for that long
A4. GHD Sit ups with Medball 10 Reps Slow and controlled rest 1 min x4

completed, with 8lbs. Abs were nice and sore the next two days
AB 2 Min @ 390 Watts (adjusted to 320)
Rest 1 min
Rest 5 min

306 watts, 310 watts, 318 watts, 313 watts, 323 watts, 316 watts

So…not super successful here. I don’t feel like I can hold sustainably around 320. I can hold around 300, I can get up to 330-340 but I can’t really hang out there, I tend to bounce around. And I worry when I get up around 330-340 that my legs are gonna blow up on the next interval


A. Bench Press 5-3-5-3-5-3 rest 2 min btwn sets

125, 140, 130, 145,135, 150

Felt a little bench-rusty when I started, but happy to get to 150×3. I feel like I’m getting a little bit better at grinding through slow reps
B1. Strict Press 6-8 reps rest 1 min x5

65lbs x8, 70lbs x8, 80lbs x6, 80lbs x6, 80lbs x6
B2. Feet Elevated aMSAP chest to rings hold in ring row positions rest 1 min x5

Felt harder than usual today… :20 for first set then :15
B3. Wall Facing HS Hold Accumulate 30 seconds rest 2 min x5

completed all UB
C1. Y’s T’s W’s on Bench rest 5 reps at each letter x3

.5lbs per hand, then .75 lbs per hand for the remainder
C2. Dumbell Upright rows 10-12 reps rest x3

10lbs x10 for all set
C3. Single Arm Legs Punching bench Side plank 20 second each arm x3

this was hilarious… I think :20 is my max for this movement
C4. Negative Tuck Front Lever AMSAP (-3) x3

Row 20 seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 min

114m, 113m, 112m

Didn’t feel super able to sustain power here, could get down to 1:23/1:24 but couldn’t hold it for long